Our President

His Lordship ,Bishop Joseph Kodakallil, Bishop of Satna is the President of the Governing Body (Supreme authority of the Society) which comes at the top of the administration chart of Samaritan Social Service Society. Most Rev. Bishop is the highest authority in the management of the Society. The decision of the president will be final

Vice President

Very Rev. Fr. Thoppil, Vicar General of the Diocese of Satna is the Vice President of Samaritan Social Service Society, who comes the next to the President. He was appointed to the post on01/10/2015. In the absence or vacancy of the President, the Vice President will perform the ordinary duties of the President


Rev. Fr. RonyMaruthummoottil is the present Director of Samaritan Social Service Society as well as the Secretary of the Governing Body. He was appointed on 01/04/2015. Director exercises all such powers and do all such acts as required for the proper conduct and of the ordinary correspondence of the society. The Director shall convene and issue notices of the General and Governing body meeting as and when required.

Finance Manager

Rev. Fr. Sebastian Puthenpurayil is the present Finance Manager of Samaritan Social Service Society. He was appointed on 01/07/2016 . He exercise all such power and do all such acts as may be required for the proper conduct of ordinary finance administration under the supervision of the President, Vice President and Director.